Who we are

Kyoritz Advertising Agency is an outdoor advertising specialist and a strong international player in Tokyo.


We provide one-stop services from strategy planning to advertising implementation,
effectiveness verification, improvement & continuous development.

one-stop service

Our strengths


Our strengths

History75 year plus track record

We are an ad firm founded more than
75 years ago. We will serve you with trust and experience.


Our strengths

Industry positiona leading company in transit ads

In the field of transit advertising, our core business, we have been certified as a designated agency by many railroad companies. We have a wealth of information, a proven track record, and unique know-how.


Our strengths

Servicetotal communication

In addition to transit advertising, we suggest communication design that is linked to events, promotions, web, SNS, or mass media.


Our strengths

Missionto change with the era

We take on the challenge of new styles of advertising and promotion in response to changes in society such as 5G, AI, and DX (Digital Transformation).


Our strengths

Philosophyone of a kind

Based on the philosophy of ”one of a kind communication, one of a kind quality,” we strive to provide communication that is close to consumers.


Our strengths

PerformanceJapan execution for worldwide marketing plans

We have a proven track record of localizing foreign plans for the Japanese market and have received high praise from our clients.

Corporate Profile

  • Company : Kyoritz Advertising Agency Co., Ltd.
  • Location :
    Kyoritz Building, 13-8 Araki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Founding : January 5th, 1946
  • Revenue : 6.4 billion yen